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In our current state EKOAMRET company has been running since June 2009

The scope of our company’s operation is engineering, specifically creating analysis, documentation and projects that relate to renewable energy sources with a major emphasis on biogas (agricultural biogas).

We are team of specialists, that is not only competent but also has professional experience. Knowledge and experience that was acquired during many years of practice guarantees professional performance. We apply our acquired knowledge, we use our imagination and assess reality. We create solutions necessary for the proper design, construction and operation of machines, installations and processes.

An important element of this company, is the development and research done from the very start of operation. This is done to create solutions to problems and carry out tasks that arise from consumer needs, The result of such operations is the implementation of unique and innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy sources (RES), and in particular the production and use of biogas.

Dariusz Wereszczyński
Chairman of the Board

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