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Mobile installation of biodegradable waste treatment method

In response to the specifications of certain locations we have developed a mobile waste treatment using the 3-A method. The basic model is composed from 3 to 5 airtight steel fermentation chambers along with technical containers. The entirety is connected via technical channels in which all equipment and installation is located. The technical container contains the devices and all necessary equipment for conducting the technological processes along with the production of heat and electricity:

  • co-generation system (combined production of heat and electricity)
  • percolate tank (effluent)
  • double tank of bio-gas
  • Control and measurement apparatus
  • necessary installation and safeguards

Regulations when carrying out the process are identical with that ones that exist with stationary installation.
Mobile installation is ideal for areas where there are small amounts of material that need to be utilized that can be as a substrate for bio-gas. Aside from municipal waste it can be materials such as:

  • residues from agri-food processing
  • solid manure from livestock
  • residues from horticultural production (fruit & vegetables, flowers)
  • deprived and out-dated food products

Some basic advantages include:

  • flexible & modular sizes (possibility to process from 1000 to 5000 Mg of waste within a year)
  • possible easy implementation into existing installation (as their complement, or their extension)
  • minimal requirements for site preparation and installations of components (compact design)

  • the possibility to obtain local energy and receiving compost, renewable energy sources, reduction of harmful emissions and odors.

Often times residue from production or processing is a big problem in the areas that they occur. The consistent growth in cost along with the need to meet legal requirements negatively affects the profitability of your business.

Realization examples:

town of Cieszowa, municipality Koszecin (30 kW installation)