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In our current state EKOAMRET company has been running since June 2009

We formalised our structure, organisational and legal form of our long term professional activity. As an engineering company we work within the scope of the project, consulting, and executing typical orders along with, those that require a nonstandard approach, we guarantee reliable execution of entrusted to us orders.

Our main objective as a company is independent engineering advice and consulting. This mission is executed by every engineer hired by our firm.

Our professionalism and punctuality makes us stand out.

We create a team of specialists that are not only competent but have years of professional experience. It is due to many years of practical experience along with the knowledge gained during the time these tasks are performed. We are up to date with the consistently changing law or regulations on energy certifications and cogeneration . (azure, blue)

We apply out acquire knowledge, we take advantage of our imagination and we assess reality. We create solutions that are necessary for proper construction, operation or improvement of machines, installations and processes. We are also familiar with bio-gas installation and its professional service.

Our proprietary studies contribute to the creation of necessary constructions or to solve a specific problem.

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What do we do?

Bio-gas technology
Designing biogas plant
Municipal waste
Supplying technology for biogas plant
Absorbents hydrogen sulfide celawerex
Services - Measurements