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Municipal waste – statistical data

11.,8 million tons of municipal wate was produced in the Poland in the year 2004, including:

  • 10,400 thousand tonnes of non-sorted municipal wate (10.4 mln tonnes)!!
  • 243 thousand tonnes of selectively collected municipal waste
  • 440 thousand tonnes of waste from yards, parks and markets
  • 251 thousand tonnes of waste from square and street cleaning
  • 451 thousand tonnes of bulk waste

Over 95% of produced municipal waste was disposed of by waste. The process of biological transformation was used on only 2,39% of waste.
In that period, the following were exploited:

  • 1049 landfills
  • 83 composts
  • 84 sorting plants along with
  • 1 thermal waste treatment installation

Below is basic information on municipal waste prepared on the basis of CSO data and derived from the "National Waste Management Plan 2022" (Resolution No. 88 of the Council of Ministers of 1 July 2016 M.P. 2016 item 784).

Further data from the Central Statisical Office of Poland concern the year 2018. 12,5 million Mg of municipal waste was collected (an increase of 4.3% in comparison to 2017). This means that one citizen is accountable for an average of 325 kilograms of collected waste, this is an increase of 13 kg in comparison to the previous year. 83.7% of all municipal waste is generated from households. Collected municipal waste in the year 2018 was subjected to the following processes:

a) recovery – 7103,1 thousand tonnes (56.9%) in this:

  • recycling – 26,2%,
  • biological transformation (composite or fermentation) – 8,1%
  • thermal transformation of energy recovery – 22,6%

b) neutralization – 5382,3 thousand tonnes (43,1%) in this:

  • thermal transformation without the recovery of enegry – 1,5%
  • landfills – 41.6%

At the end of 2018, there were 286 functioning landfills that accepted municipal waste. Over 90% of them were equipped with installations for degassing, as a result of which about 86,800 thousand were recovered by combustion of the gas (landfill biogas) MJ of thermal energy and about 105,357 thousand kWh of electricity.