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Biogas technology

As a designing and consulting company we offer the completion of both typical and demanding orders. The analysis and technological projects carried out by our company may apply to agricultural biogas as well as processes in which other materials are substrates – e.g sewage sludge, biodegradable municipal waste or other processing residues. Besides designing we also supervise the technological aspect of construction, commissioning and ongoing operation of biogas plants. We can also develop a method of achieving full production capacity after a process failure or inhibition.

We would like to also present our main assumptions that guide us when designing biogas plants. It is to adapt the size of the installation to the capabilities of any given location. We estimate the size based on the determined quantities and properties of substrates available and intended for use in a biogas plant. We believe that due to current circumstances, the reserve proceedings are erroneous. We never pressure investors into acquiring additional substrates to meet the needs of an over-sized biogas plant.

In our offer we have:

  1. Preliminary technology analysis
  2. Laboratory tests of substrates
  3. Technological documentation of biogas plant
  4. Supervision over current work of biogas plants

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