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Designing Biogas plants

We offer the completion of all necessary documents to acquire legal permission along with the ability to build and run a biogas plant.

The scope of the operation (types of documents prepared) depends on the specific case, it also depends amongst other things the size of the biogas plant. The documents prepared at individual stages of the investor process: :

  • preliminary documentation that includes future technical and technological installation

  • project information card,

  • proposal about building conditions (if required) ,

  • application determining the conditions of connecting to the electric energy distribution network (application for connecting to the source)

  • documentation necessary to obtain a decision on the environmental conditions – consent to implement the project (application for decision on environmental conditions, application for the scope of the report, report on impact of the project on the environment) ,

  • Complete architectural – construction design which will be the basis for getting building approval (designs: architectural, construction, electrical installation, gas, water & sewage, and technological project) ,

  • Construction design – executive ,

  • application to receive approval for running the biogas plant

Documentation is created with close cooperation of the investor. Based on individual agreements the documentation can be completed in phases.

Throughout the realization process the investor can use supervision services on the part of an architect, builder or other authorities.

It is also possible to supervise the implementation of technological part of the project. Such supervision should be carried out at all stages of the investment and at the stage of launching the biogas plant.


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